5 Fun Marathons in the U.S.

There are upwards of 800 marathons in the United States every year. Marathon runners can enjoy a variety of options, but which one should you choose? Weather, destination, and terrain are just some of the variables to consider when you’re picking the right marathon. If you’re looking for marathons with fun themes, we’ve done the […]

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Many may think running is the easiest form of exercise. But did you know that runners get injured almost as frequently as football players? Running seems rather straightforward, but it can lead to serious injuries if you don’t have proper training, warm-up exercises, and the right shoes for your feet. So before you lace up […]

How to Increase Running Stamina

YouTube star Casey Neistat is known for his daily long runs. He runs at least 10 miles on a regular morning and maybe double the miles on a Sunday. Even Nike was so impressed by Casey Neistat’s stamina that the company reached out to him for a video collaboration. Perhaps not all of us will […]