5 Destination Triathlons That Are Absolutely Worth the Trip

destination triathlons

You have two main passions. Triathlons and traveling. What could be better than pairing the two together?

Make your next race unforgettable by signing up for a destination triathlon.

Visit memorable areas and check them off your bucket list. Destination triathlons give you a purpose to travel around the country or the globe! Visit historic landmarks, take in unforgettable views, and motivate yourself to accomplish new and unique triathlons.

Destination triathlons are great opportunities to meet people who share your same interests.

Here are a few the most remarkable destination triathlons in the United States to check off your triathlon bucket list!

1.   Escape from Alcatraz

Test your endurance and resilience in the infamous Escape From Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco, California. It’s one of the oldest destination triathlons just shy of 40 years.

This race has stunning views of the Bay area, the city, and you get to experience two very famous landmarks: the Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Starting at Alcatraz island, you’ll dive into the bay and embark on a 1.8-mile swim. After the swim, you’ll bike for 18 miles and finish with an 8 mile run through the city. When you finish, enjoy a bite to eat in any of San Francisco’s notorious restaurants.

Different categories allow you to compete where you feel comfortable, including a professional/elite category and open relay. The random drawing for one of triathlon’s most iconic races is limited to 2,000 participants, so register early!

2.   Brewhouse Triathlon

Do you enjoy rewarding yourself with an ice-cold brew after a long hard race? Then Duluth, Minnesota’s Brewhouse Triathlon is the perfect destination triathlon for the beer-lover in you!

The Brewhouse Triathlon is a choice racing experience complete with newly paved roads for biking, clean, clear water, and beautiful pines at Island Lake. After the race, enjoy a pint of Brewhouse beer, included in your race registration.

This Northwoods triathlon comprises short and long racecourses to fit any ability levels.

3.   Mountain Man Destination Triathlon

Located 7,000 feet above sea level in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Mountain Man triathlon is one of the most scenic destination triathlons on the list.

During the race, you will catch glimpses of surrounding mountains, nearby lakes, and plants in full bloom. This 35-year-old destination triathlon boasts safety and dependability.

It offers multiple races to fit your ability and competitive level throughout the summer. In July, the Sprint and Olympic portions in July offer shorter races, great for beginners. August’s Long Course triathlon totals a colossal 70.3 miles, a good fit for the serious triathlete. 

4.   The Ironman 70.3 SuperFrog

Out of all the destination triathlons described, the Ironman 70.3 SuperFrog in Imperial Beach, California is the most demanding.

The Ironman 70.3 SuperFrog has the richest history than any other destination triathlons. It hosts the longest-running portion of a half Ironman and used to be a part of the Navy SEAL training program.

You can test your swimming, biking, and running skills with this competitive triathlon.

5.   Rio Grande Retro – A Unique Destination Triathlon

If you’re hunting for a truly unique and festival-like triathlon, the Rio Grande Retro in Albuquerque, New Mexico is for you!

Beginners and recreational triathletes will love the Retro’s flat course and reasonable distances. Show off your whacky side by dressing up in your craziest retro apparel. Speedos, tutus, parachute pants, sweatbands, and funky sunglasses are just a fraction of the crazy outfits you can wear; honestly, anything goes!

This Sprint distance triathlon is in reverse order, meaning you start with a 3.1-mile run and end with a 400-yard swim.

After the race, explore Albuquerque’s historic downtown and scenic hiking trails.

Plan an unforgettable trip to any of the destination triathlons above or find one in the vacation spot of your dreams! What could be better than pairing your love for fitness and travel together?

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