5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Triathletes

The season of IRONMAN triathlons is here! You’re either participating in one of these exciting challenges or you have a friend who’s a dedicated triathlete. A small gift will boost the spirit of the triathlete, whether you’re buying it for yourself or a beloved triathlete in your life!

Here are 5 gift ideas from Inspired Endurance.


Triathlon T-Shirt

Triathlon is a fun race – so why not have some fun with the outfit? We recommend this lighthearted t-shirt as a source of encouragement to any triathletes. There are also many other triathlon t-shirts online and you can certainly find the most fitting one.


Triathlon Jewelry

IRONMAN® M-Dot Pendant
Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant

Inspired Endurance carries an exclusive collection of high-quality triathlon jewelry. For your triathlete, we have anything from pendant necklaces to tri-charm bracelets. Each piece is made of genuine sterling silver to assure our product’s quality.

Our official IRONMAN® M-Dot Pendant is the most popular jewelry piece among our customers, while the Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant is a favorite among all other triathletes. Browse our collection now to find a unique piece of triathlon jewelry to inspire your special triathlete!


Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You.

We love this book as both an inspiration and a practical guide for female triathletes. The author Meredith Atwood was an attorney, mother, and wife who was overweight and overworked, yet she finished a half IRONMAN triathlon after one year of training. Her story is funny, inspiring, and educational. This book will make a great gift for women who are preparing for their first triathlon or still contemplating if they should sign up for one!



At Inspired Endurance, we often talk about preventing running injuries because that’s what keeps us running farther and longer. A lot of triathletes actually suffer from minor injuries before the race even starts. For the weekend warriors, STRENGTHTAPE® provides support and stability for injured muscles and tissues without affecting their performance. It’s waterproof and can stick up to 7 days – a practical gift if your triathlete had muscle injuries during his or her training.


A Sports Massage

If your triathlete already has everything he/she needs for the race, scout for a good local spa that offers sports massages and purchase a gift certificate. Your triathlete can use a good massage for either pre-race relaxation or post-race rejuvenation.