5 Tips for Participating in Your First Disney Princess Marathon

disney princess marathon

There’s nothing easy about running a marathon. In fact, running a marathon is one of the most difficult physical challenges you could ever take on. If you’ve been planning to tackle a Disney Princess Marathon, you’d better prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime. You’re going to have fun, and you’d better also make sure that both your mind and body are up to the challenge.

This article takes a look at prepping for a Disney Princess Run and what to expect. Keep reading to discover insight into how to have the best marathon experience possible. 

1. Stay At A Disney Resort

Participating in a Disney marathon is unlike any other running experience. After all, this is Disney! So the first tip for maximizing the experience is to book the entire weekend at the Disney resort where the race is taking place.

This will save you drive time and keep you close to the event area. Plus you’ll have outstanding dining options and you and your family can easily enjoy the Disney parks during the remainder of your stay. 

2. Dress For The Occasion

One of the great perks of a Disney Princess Run is the opportunity to dress as your favorite Disney character. That’s right, you can actually wear a fun costume during the race.

This obviously adds an additional layer of fun and helps everyone to feel like they are a part of something truly special. Plus you’ll feel like a kid again!

3. Wake Up Early And Be Prepared To Wait

It’s important to keep in mind that your Disney Princess Run will likely be scheduled to start bright and early in the morning. This means you’ll need to set your alarm clock to wake you up extra early so you won’t risk running late.

After all, you’ll need to have time to get everyone dressed, fed, and arrive at the event well ahead of the scheduled start time. 

Keep in mind that it’s often cool during the wait time, thus you’d be wise to dress warm so that you won’t get too chilly while you stand around waiting for the race to begin.

4. Smile For The Cameras

Be ready to smile and say cheese for the staff photographers while you run. These Disney staff members will be located through the park during the race, and the photos they take of you will be available for purchase afterward. 

5. Enjoy The Experience With Your Kids

Our final piece of advice is to remember to enjoy every moment of the race. After all, you’ll be making family memories that will last a lifetime. Your kids won’t stay small forever, thus a Disney Princess Run gives you the opportunity to enjoy a special moment together that none of you will ever forget.

Tips For How To Prepare For A Disney Princess Marathon

Running in a Disney Princess Marathon is a special event that the entire family can enjoy together. The tips contained here will help you make the most out of every moment and create lasting memories.

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