5 Tips for Running in the Winter

Running outdoors during the winter months can be challenging and rewarding.

Everyone loves to run outdoors in spring and summer when it is warm. But what do you do when the nights get longer and the temperature starts dropping? How do you stay motivated when it’s cold, wet and windy? We have pulled together five expert tips to help runners stay motivated during the winter months. You can use these tips to stay fit and keep running, even during the cold months of the year!

Here is how you can stay motivated and keep running during the winter months:

1. Get new gear.

Getting prepared with new running gear is a great way to get motivated for those brisk winter runs. The key to staying warm during winter runs is wearing lots of layers. Pick up breathable functional under-layer to absorb sweat, a running outfit that will help regulate your body heat and a jacket to protect you against the wind. Having the right gear will leave you with no excuse for running through the winter months.

2. Find a running partner.

Running might be the last thing you want to do on those cold winter mornings. Scheduling a run with friends is a great way to get you motivated and keep you accountable. Find a running partner and schedule weekly meet-ups to keep each other moving when the days get cold. Having a running partner will help you pass the time, and can provide the support you need to reach your individual running goals.

3. Create a routine.

Daily routines are a great way to keep you on track and motivated during the winter time. Create a pre-run and post-run routine that leaves you excited and replenished after each workout. Before your workout, take time to get layered up and stretched out before heading into the cold. After your workout, make sure to get somewhere warm and take a shower as quickly as possible. Change into warm dry clothes and spend time unwinding after your winter runs.

4. Set a Schedule.

Creating a schedule for your daily runs is essential to keeping yourself on track. Plan your runs in advance and set calendar notifications to keep you focused. Try to schedule your runs at different times during the day and plan new routes to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Use an app to track your progress, log your runs and compare them with your goals.

5. Set a Big Goal.

One of the best ways to get motivated during the winter months is by setting a big goal. Plan a late winter or early spring race to keep you training when the night get cold. Having a race on the schedule is a great way to keep you focused and moving through the winter. If you are new to winter running, you may want to plan for a 5K or 10k rather than a full marathon, which will require far more time running outdoors.

We know that winter is right around the corner, and wanted to keep you motivated during those cold days. Do you run outdoor in the winter time? What are your best tips for runners who are trying to keep moving through the winter months? Share your answers in the comments.