Have You Tri’d a Sprint?

Have You Tri’d a Sprint? Sprint distance triathlons are more popular than ever. For newcomers, they are a great way to get moving. For seasoned triathletes and runners, sprint races still pose a formidable challenge with the swim leg of the race being a real call to amp it up. As some of you already know, when you stack all three sports together (swim/bike/run), your muscles feel like lead until you really train and practice! Sprint distance triathlons cover about a quarter of the ground of full triathlons. Usually these events will involve a lake, river or ocean swim of a half-mile; a bike ride of 15 to 20 miles, and then a run of approximate 3 to 4 miles. Including the transitions, you could say a triathlon consists of five events: The swim, the T1 (transition from swimwear to bike gear), the bicycling component of the race, the T2 (transition from biking to running), and the run. You can find a wealth of books, magazines, and online sources devoted to explaining how a novice can prepare for each of the athletic legs of the race as well as the transitions. For all of us, between family, job and/or life in general, finding time to train is usually an issue. If you can carve out one hour a day for exercise, you can prep for a triathlon. The best and simplest schedule, recommended by tri experts, is to alternate your training: Run, bike, swim, run, bike, swim, and then rest on the seventh day. Yes, REST! Giving your body and all its hard working muscles some downtime is an absolute must. Another important triathlon technique is called “bricking.” This combines one or more tri activities in a single workout. You go for a swim, get in a run, and the hop on your bike. Or you can start off your training session biking, then transition to running (outdoors or on a treadmill). Then if you can get in a swim, go for it. Bricking allows your body to get used to the physical transitions you’ll make on race day. Remember, the two transitions require practice too. Gather up your gear – swim goggles and wet suit (if your climate calls for it); bicycle, bike shoes, helmet and sunglasses, and running shoes – and go through the transitions as part of your training regimen. Competing in a triathlon ultimately has to do with conserving your strength. During the swim, you need to find the most efficient ways to pull yourself through the water relying most on your arms in order to save your legs for the biking and running portions of the race. When biking, you need to know how to pull up with your legs rather than pumping down so you can save your running muscles for the run. Whether you’re coached, work with a training partner or are gathering info and training on your own, it’s pretty darn exciting when you learn to apply the latest techniques for each of the three sports and see how they work for you. For many, the race is not going to be a breeze. It’s a personal challenge to take it as it comes. But if you show up committed and prepared, psyched to do your best, and have a mindset to enjoy yourself, you can savor the success that ensues from the day. Upcoming Women’s Sprint Events include: Danskin Triathlon Series http://www.danskintriathlon.net/ July 22: Webster, MA Aug. 5: Howell, MI; Aug. 19: Seattle, WA Aug. 26: Pleasant Prairie, WI Sept. 9: Sandy Hook, NJ Oct. 7: Palm Springs, CA SheROX Triathlon Series http://www.sheroxtri.com/ July 29: Detroit, MI Aug. 5: Philadelphia, PA Aug. 19: Devens, MA Aug: 28: Asbury Park, NJ Oct. 21: San Diego, CA Nov. 4: Bermuda Title 9 Women Only Sprint Triathlon: Sept. 9 – Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton, MA http://maxperformanceonline.com/title9race.html TBF Racing/Luna Bar Women’s Triathlon Festival – Super Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon: Sept. – Herald, CA http://www.tbfracing.com/events/lunabar.html See Jane Run – Sept. 22 – Pleasanton, CA http://www.seejanerun.com/t-see-jane-tri.aspx There are a great many more sprint events out there! Just search Women’s Sprint Tri to find other options in a city near you! PS – Here are 2 of the many ways Inspired Endurance can help you commemorate your next sprint achievement in style: Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Race Tag http://www.inspiredendurance.com/Custom-Race-Tag-p/ch0022.htm Custom Race Necklace http://www.inspiredendurance.com/Sterling-Silver-Custom-Race-Necklace-p/ien020.htm