Are you a Princess Runner??

There is a certain appeal to the Princess-y and Diva-y races to women runners of all ages. Who doesn’t love the chance to dress like a princess? Pink boas, glittery tutus, bows pinned in your hair. What fun this is to not only meet a challenge whether it be a 5K or a 26.2 run, but to leave life behind for a few hours and think only of magic.

19.3 Princess Charm Necklace

There is a certain energy that permeates the air when crowded at the start line with thousands of other women. (Some men might be thinking “oh boy.”) It is an incredible energy filled with excitement being around women sharing similar goals or just plain womanhood at its princess or diva best.

This weekend is the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend featuring several race options: 5K, 10K, 13.1 half marathon and the new Dumbo Double Dare 19.3 which is a combination of the 10K and the 13.1 on consecutive days.

Good luck to all of our customers running (or walking) this weekend! Inspired Endurance is proud to have created a full line of Princess jewelry to help you celebrate!