Back in the Saddle – Marie

OK, finally some relief from this neck pain. Again I must state that I would rather endure 24 hours of labor or a full Ironman race than to go through that again. I started taking a muscle relaxer called Soma before I go to bed and after only 5 days I feel soooo much better! Although I can’t participate in May’s 1/2 Ironman, I am certain I will go for it again. It seems like a very reachable and possibly easy goal to accomplish, that is if I’m not hurt.

Jenna learned to ride her two-wheeler bike. I’m so excited for her. So much for the $200 attachment that I bought for the back of my bike. I took my old Cannondale and converted it to a sort-of hybrid. I added straight handle bars, put the regular pedals back on and added a, um, a basket. Yes, a basket. I bought a Trek Trainer for kids that attaches to the seat post of my bike and voila! A Triathlete minivan. After 3 months of taking her to school like that, now she wants to ride her own bike. I have decided to start running while she rides to school and continue on to the beach each morning.

Our past expo was fun at the Melbourne & Beaches Music Marathon. The views of the course were absolutely beautiful. I think it will become a popular race, especially for families that want to visit Florida and also see Disney or the Kennedy Space Center. The race crosses two causeways that go over the Intracoastal where dolphins often frolic. Lots and lots of water views. (And MUCH cheaper to visit than Miami.) Lori and I will be in Ft. Lauderdale soon to exhibit at the A1A Expo. Hope to see anyone there who might read this!