Because She Can: Woman to Run Her 200th Marathon

When Ingrid Frost entered her first marathon in 2000, she wasn’t planning on setting any records. She signed up because the man she was dating challenged her to do it with him. He was injured during training and never ran in the event. She completed the marathon and just kept running.

In the intervening 15 years, the now 48-year-old woman has raced over 5250 miles; and, that’s just counting the miles run on racing courses. Most of her races have been run in her native New Zealand, but she has also traveled to Australia, London and New York to run. While she’s gotten minor injuries several times, they’ve never kept her from doing what she wants. She has completed every marathon she’s started. Over the years, she has worn out 70 pairs of running shoes and has spent $90,000 on race entries, travel and hotel accommodations.

It can be difficult to keep motivated during long and difficult runs. But, just being out there means that you are on the path toward accomplishing something impressive. You never know what you are able to accomplish until you try. Get on the road and give yourself a chance.