Better than a Medal: Runner Jewelry to Mark the Moment

You’d look pretty silly walking around in your street clothes with a medal around your neck, and who wants to show off a medal that looks just like hundreds of others handed out at the finish line? One way to brandish your achievements while simultaneously looking stylish is with runner jewelry.
Runner jewelry is a great way to look beautiful, celebrate your runningachievements, and reward yourself for all your hard training. Better than a medal or a trophy, it’s the perfect way to show the world what you love to do and to remind yourself of your accomplishments while remaining stylish and elegant.

More subtle and elegant than a race tee shirt, runner jewelry is a conversation piece that fits any situation. The simple “13.1” on your pendant or bracelet charm is sure to raise questions– a “What does that mean?” can lead to a new friend, a new training partner, or even just the chance to talk about your favorite pastime. Your jewelry can remind you of your victories and provide a little push out the door on mornings when you just don’t feel like training. And if you’ve ever considered a race tattoo but  have not made up your mind, then runner jewelry is for you. It’s not permanent, it will look great through any physical changes that happen to your body, and you will never run out of room to add another finish time.

runner jewelryUnique Jewelry for Unique People
Every runner is unique, and so is runner jewelry. Runner charms and running beads can depict running women, shoes, and other general running themes, while personalized charms can be engraved with race names and finish times to serve as tiny reminders of each of your accomplishments. Charms showing different lengths and types of races are ideal ways to mark your milestone achievements. Running a Shamrock Shuffle or a Team in Training Event? Mark the moment of your triumph with an engravable charm that is sure attract attention. There are even triathlon charms available! From 13.1 charms and necklaces to marathon beads and ironman jewelry, there’s something available for every type of runner.
marathon beads
Runner jewelry can be made of sterling silver or gold, and can be completely customized to celebrate unique accomplishments and the passion, dedication, and hard work required to attain them.

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