Big Apple Running: A New York City Marathon Training Guide

nyc marathon training

The time of year is fast approaching where one of the world’s biggest marathons hits the Big Apple.

On November 3rd, close to 50,000 people from all around the world will gather in New York to run through all five of the city’s boroughs before finishing off in Central Park.

Although popular, the NYC marathon is one of the most grueling major marathons out there.

The distance is one thing, but another is that the marathon covers a diverse array of terrains and hills, making this one a struggle for all but the most seasoned runners.

As such, you’ll need a solid NYC marathon training plan in place before the big day.

Here’s everything you need to know about NYC marathon training. 

Make Sure You Qualify 

At this point in the game, you’re probably past the stage of Googling “how to qualify for New York City marathon.”

Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind the qualifying times for each age group.

You can use the NYC marathon app to remind yourself of these. If you find yourself falling short of these times, you’re not training enough. 

Do Your NYC Marathon Training on the Right Surface 

Many people preparing for a marathon tend to use their local park or field to do their training.

For NYC marathon training, this isn’t the best approach.

The NYC marathon length is immense, partly because it covers so many different terrains.

You’ll be going up and down steep hills and crossing muddy grass during the course of the race.

This means that you should mix it up in your training. Try to test out all the different terrains you’ll be facing on the day so that you know what to expect. 

The vast majority of the 26.2 miles will take place on asphalt or concrete pavement. As such, make sure you do much of your training on the streets. 

Eat Like a Runner 

Everyone’s NYC marathon training plan involves what they’re going to eat on race day.

However, you should be sticking to that diet in the weeks running up to the race, so that your body doesn’t get a nasty shock.

This means introducing electrolytes, proteins, and plenty of carbs into your diet well before the big day. 

Dress for Success

You may already know plenty about how to dress for a marathon.

Remember that you’ll need to pack several different layers for the day. When the race kicks off on that crisp November morning, the mercury will be close to 0.

However, you’ll heat up fast and want to ditch the layers. Remember to also bring a change of clothes, as your sweaty clothes post-run will make your body temperature drop dramatically. 

Push Yourself 

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to push yourself and see what you’re truly capable of in your training.

The NYC marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, so make it count. 

Commemorate the Occasion 

Once you’ve completed your NYC marathon training and succeeded, you’ll want to commemorate your achievement.

You can do so with some stylish and classic marathon jewelry, available at our store.