Never Too Late to Start

Looking at ads for running gear or perusing fitness magazines can sometimes have a demotivating effect. Everyone is so young and model-perfect. You may flip through the pages and think, “this isn’t for people like me.” But, recent research indicates that it is never too late to start running and getting healthy, even if you’ve […]

Run for Your Life

No one expects a stroke at 31; especially not a highly active person who enjoys daily runs and sports like tennis and softball. But, that was exactly what happened to Wes Varga, who had a stroke in 2008. The stroke inhibited his mobility to the point where, months later, he needed a gait belt to […]

Eyes on the Prize

Whenever we start a new fitness regimen, we’re told to be mindful of our goals to make them more achievable. New research shows that this is advice that you should take literally. In a study published in Motivation and Emotion, researchers found that people who focused their vision on landmarks ahead of them ran faster […]