Are You Running Too Much?

Running is a healthy exercise for many, but running too much can have the opposite effect. Do you constantly feel fatigued? Has your performance been slipping recently? Chances are you may be experiencing the overtraining syndrome (OTS). OTS occurs even in the best athletes if they don’t take proper rest from their rigorous training routine. […]

How to Increase Running Stamina

YouTube star Casey Neistat is known for his daily long runs. He runs at least 10 miles on a regular morning and maybe double the miles on a Sunday. Even Nike was so impressed by Casey Neistat’s stamina that the company reached out to him for a video collaboration. Perhaps not all of us will […]

Runners, How Should Your Foot Strike the Ground?

Over-pronation, under-pronation, over striding, foot strike: chances are if you’re a runner, you’ve heard these terms before.  Few runners really think about the way their foot hits the ground–they just RUN.  Yet, the way in which your foot hits the ground can make a difference between an injury-prone race season, and a successful racing season. […]