Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!


I was in Orlando for an expo last weekend and fell in love with the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon medal. I wasn’t at the training point yet where I should have done it but I couldn’t help myself. I signed up and figured I could always walk when I started hurting. Wouldn’t you know it, I finished in my best time (by two minutes) for a 1/2. Maybe undertraining is not such a bad thing. KIDDING!! It was hard and a lot of things hurt on me but when I would walk, it hurt worse. Also, I’m still sore two days after and feel like I did when I finished a FULL marathon. I’m glad I did it though and had lots of fun too. Thanks to my friend Michelle Tierney that stuck with me the whole time and undertrained too. She is speedy gonzales usually so I haven’t got to run for more than five minutes before. NEW motto idea: There’s a first for everything! TTFN, Lori