Do you Run with Your Dog?

I’m not sure why I am compelled to take Buddy, our dog, out with me every morning for a jog. Perhaps its his wagging tail or that raised ear and begging eyes look. All you have to say is “do you want to go for a walk?” and he goes crazy, running around in circles just begging for you to clip the leash on. His tail wags incessantly until the door unlocks and opens.
But I have a small problem. Buddy is part beagle, part pug, and part dachshund. Buddy the beagle is the problem. He can smell things a mile away and he is eager to get there as fast as possible. He has followed imaginary trails of something that possibly walked there the night before (think Snoopy with nose to the ground). And the pee stops. His pee stops are worse than a newly potty trained 3 year old on the way to Disney World in the back seat of a car with an empty sippy cup.

So the morning “jog” has naturally turned into sort of a Galloway style morning. And its all good.