Excuse My Language but “DAMN!” — Marie

You know, I’ve been blocking this out of my mind for 2 weeks now. I still hurt. Every night I wake up with a pulsating pain that originates at the base of the cervical spine and moves outward. Getting out of bed in the morning is worse. All the muscles from the right side of my neck down to behind my shoulder blade are so tight I can barely move. This is the first time I’ve ever been injured and I’m disappointed, angry, and upset. Screw the pain, I can handle that. What is worse to me is setting a goal and being knocked off track at the very beginning. I guess this is better than getting halfway through a race and not being able to finish. I told Lori on Tuesday that I would not be able to train for the 1/2 Ironman right now. And I haven’t even mentioned my foot. That is a whole other story. Whaaa!!!!!!!!