5 Fun Marathons in the U.S.

There are upwards of 800 marathons in the United States every year. Marathon runners can enjoy a variety of options, but which one should you choose? Weather, destination, and terrain are just some of the variables to consider when you’re picking the right marathon. If you’re looking for marathons with fun themes, we’ve done the research for you! Here are 5 diverse and fun courses in the country.


Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series

Image via Rock n’ Roll Marathon website

If the weather is a concern, the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series in San Diego may be the perfect run for you. San Diego is the original location for this fun run that has spread to locations across North America. San Diego is still the most popular location, though. The city is known for its nearly impeccable weather year-round. In addition to the ideal Southern California climate, this Marathon will energize you as you run through San Diego’s many diverse neighborhoods from Balboa Park to Hillcrest. You’ll also be able to enjoy live rock music along the way. The marathon organizer brings some of the biggest and hottest headliners to the stage every year.

The Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon features a picturesque path, comfortable temperature, and great music all in one!


 Chicago Marathon

Image via Chicago Marathon website

The Chicago Marathon draws people from all over the world and it’s a popular race for good reasons. Not only is the city’s historic architecture a remarkable sight to enjoy along the way but the city’s entirely flat terrain is appealing for many runners. The lack of hills in the course is suitable for both new and experienced marathon runners. To make your marathon experience more meaning, you can also choose to run behalf of a charity.

Expect huge supportive crowds as well. Chicago locals love all sporting events — they flock to points throughout the city to cheer on runners every year.


Walt Disney World Marathon

Image via Walt Disney World Marathon website

If you feel like getting in touch with your goofy side for 26.2 miles, you might consider the most magical run on earth – the Walt Disney World Marathon. The run takes you through all of Walt Disney World’s theme parks including Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. You can dress up as your favorite Disney characters for the run. Have fun and let your inner child run free with other Disney characters! Plus, you can take advantage of the famous vacation destination and bring your whole family to enjoy a fun Disney weekend.


Maui Marathon

Image by Hawaii Photoman

Why not combine a beautiful Hawaiian vacation with your marathon race? Maui Marathon is the perfect occasion. Imagine running along the majestic volcanic coast of Maui throughout the course. After you cross the finish line, you can soak up the sun on the endless beaches with aquamarine blue water. If you love the ocean, you can also enjoy a world-renowned snorkeling experience and sea life. This marathon is the ultimate marathon location for nature lovers and vacation seekers.


Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Image via Hatfield-McCoy Marathon website

For a unique and challenging marathon experience, look no further than the historic Hatfield-McCoy Marathon. It takes place across Kentucky and West Virginia! This marathon started in 2000 and has kept gaining momentum every year. You’ll participate in the cross-state marathon with only several hundred runners through a rural landscape. Since this marathon has a smaller number of participants, the atmosphere is more intimate than a big marathon event.

The course involves challenging inclines through the Appalachian Mountains and many chances to encounter Appalachian culture. Throughout the course, you’ll pass by several important historical sites that allow you to learn about the region’s history. Each year, the locals residing along the marathon course welcome the participants with true southern hospitality by offering pit stops and encouragement.