Funny Story!- Lori

Well it didn’t start out as a funny story and as I was telling Marie how crappy I was feeling the other day, I thought maybe a short run would perk me up and as I ended up walking on and off the last 1/2 mile the UPS man stopped to ask why I was walking and I proceeded to say “can you give me a lift?”. He of course being the “nice” UPS man that he is said “hop in” and then when he dropped me off at my drive way said I was the best delivery he’s ever had!” Wow, that made me perk up for some reason. I went from feeling crappy to having a bad run to having the UPS man give me a nice compliment and making my day!! Actually the rest of my day did end up in bed sleeping and coughing. Even the yesterday I wasn’t up to my usual running around like a chicken with my head cut off self, so I slept some more and today I’m back to it. I can’t tell you all the 50 things I’ve done but I happy to be doing them again. Sometimes all you need is a day in bed to make you appreciate the mundane things that we don’t really realize we are lucky to be able to do. I’m back in the bike saddle tomorrow for sure!

Hopefully the UPS truck with have room for my bike if I get another (4th) flat tire. Ride and smile! Lori