Gear We Love

Lori’s Favorites:

Bike: I have only had one bike so I can’t really give a unbiased recommendation. That being said, I do love my Giant OCR3 (lavendar with black accents). It’s so girly but fun to ride. I souped it up a little with aero bars and a rear view mirror.

Bike Shoes: I have Shimanos but don’t know the style name (Grey with black and 3 velcro straps cost about -$150)

Running Shoes: Ahhhh, this is a tough one because I’ve tried so many over the last ten years and I love some for comfort and some for looks (I’m a little vain in case you haven’t picked up on that yet). I also need major cushioning, which Asics Gel Cumulus 10 has for that and I’ve worn Addidas Adistar Cushion too. They latter is a little more stable too. I have six pairs I rotate until they look like crap and then off to the outlets in Orlando to get more. I got the Asics at Fleet Feet in Stuart though.

Running clothes: My Mottoz shirts (of course) and Atalanta running skirts (the Committment style rocks and the new capri style is so fun too). I love Moving Comfort sports bras (Fiona and a new style that I can’t remember the name of it).

Marie’s Favorites:

H2O Audio: Underwater housing for ipod. This makes any swim go quickly. They have several different models for ipods. I think they have other products for different mp3 players as well, not sure. Costs around $100 and you need the waterproof headphones too.

Superswim: Tethered swim harness to swim in place. I bought this after putting a small swimming pool in my backyard. I wanted a lap pool (too expensive) but this, in my opinion, is nearly as good.

Bike: LeMond Alpe d’Huez Road Bike
I wasn’t particularly sold on any brand bike. My old road bike is a Cannondale R400 that has LOTS of miles on it but I knew I needed a bike with nicer components. I shopped the new Cannondales but the price was more than I wanted for the components that you got. I really liked the carbon fiber Trek and went to buy it but was sold this bike from the guy at the bike shop that said “this is what my girlfriend rides.” I really wanted a feminine bike, but they made a couple modifications including narrower handle bars and it seems fine. I didn’t get the triple crank because quite frankly, the only hills in Florida are the drawbridges! Why not a tri bike? You really can’t ride it all of the time just for fun so….maybe when I turn pro, haha.

Bike Shoes: I bought an old pair of retro bike shoes on ebay for $20. They are make from soft leather, lace up and are the best bike shoes I’ve ever worn. No, you don’t need to spend $100 on bike shoes.

Running Shoes: Asics 2140. I’ve been wearing these shoes for about 5 or 6 years. They offer a lot of support, have a breathable fabric and are just plain comfy.

Running clothes: Nike running shorts and any spaghetti strap bra top. The less material the better. If I want to look hot, I wear my running skirt from Atalanta Athleticwear ( The committment skirt has great pockets, the shorts underneath don’t ride up and it just makes you look hot. Oh, and Heather, the designer, is cool too.

Gu Gel: Marie likes to take one of these every 30 minutes while running. And one before running if its going to be an hour or more.