How Do You Choose the Right Running Backpack?

running backpack

In 2018, an astounding 18.1 million runners registered for running races across the US. 

Of those 18 million-plus runners, 60% were women, and 40% were men, proving that this hobby is popular across the board.

So, for your next ultramarathon race, you will likely need a high-quality running backpack to store necessities like nutrient-dense snacks, water, your cell phone, and perhaps a towel for quick sweat relief. Or, maybe you have an avid runner in your life with a birthday coming up. What a great gift this would be!

Regardless of your reasons for landing here—how do you choose the best backpack for runners?

We offer some prime considerations in this brief but informative guide.

Think About the Weight

Running can be challenging enough without something else holding you back. That’s why it’s essential to choose a compact, lightweight running backpack that won’t weigh you down or get in the way with long straps, an awkward shape, or a too-large size.

When comparing backpacks, check out their weight. When it comes to packs, this is important down to the ounce. 

If possible, practice running with the pack beforehand to see how it affects your pace and stride (or gift it early enough for your friend to do so).

Consider a Running Backpack With a Water Pouch

Several running backpacks contain smart, accessible water pouches that allow the person wearing it to drink sans bottle.

If you’re not willing to spend those precious seconds stopping, hunting for, and drinking out of a bottle, consider adding a water pouch.

These water bags typically slide into a sleeve in the back of the backpack (closest to your body). Then, what’s essentially a hose comes out of the top of the pack and hooks to the straps. When you’re ready for a sip, simply reach for your strap, grab the hose, and voila—water on the go!

If you can find an insulated pack, even better. This feature will keep the water colder for longer.

Get the Right Material

What does this mean?

If, for example, you live in a place where it rains often, it may be worth investing in a backpack with some type of waterproof material. Materials such as nylon and polyester are often waterproof or water-resistant for things like trail running backpacks.

It’s also preferred to get a breathable material, so your body isn’t collecting sweat and chaffing the skin or becoming uncomfortable as the miles go by.

You’re Running out of Time

Before you or your loved one’s next race, make sure to buy a practical and high-quality running backpack that provides necessities within reach without getting in the way.

Use this guide to aid in the decision-making process, buying a bag that’s lightweight, weatherproof, and comfortable.

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