How to Make This the Year You Run a Marathon

Marathons are on most runners’ bucket lists. Even if you just took up running this year, a marathon is not an unreasonable goal. With the right preparation and attitude, you can be ready to compete in and complete this challenging race. A few tips to get there:

1. Put out your running clothes each night.

This way, you are ready to go out and run first thing in the a.m. That bit of extra prep in the evening makes mornings go more smoothly.

2. Set a goal with every training session.

Training can feel aimless and punishing if you don’t have a smaller goal than the eventual marathon. Instead, work toward longer distance or shorter run times with each training session.

3. Make training enjoyable.

Pick out a great playlist of your favorite running music and buy comfortable headphones with great sound. Schedule your runs for times of the day when heat is not a problem. Pick routes through trees and past water to stay inspired. When we enjoy a task, we are more likely to look forward to it and less likely to make excuses.

No matter what your age or when you started running, a marathon is within your capabilities. Train well, seek inspiration and you will achieve this significant goal.