I’m walking, just plain walking

We ran into a woman at the A1A expo that had done two half ironmans nearly back to back. She didn’t exercise for 2 years after that. I can relate! After training for the Big Sur 1/2 marathon that took place last November I felt the same way. Maybe I didn’t prepare enough and came away feeling “all used up.” My body seems to be screaming YOGA and vegetarian diet at me. December came and went while scrambling to make and send out gobs of jewelry around the nation, January came and I registered for the half ironman only to get hurt a week after paying my 300 bucks so now what? Well, my neck is better. There is still something painful going on between my 3rd and 4th metatarsal on the foot (which is getting cortisone injections soon, thanks to my cousin Joe the foot doc). So I am walking. My goal? An hour a day if I can, rain or shine.