Juggling it All as a Mother Runner

As Mother’s Day approaches I like to reflect on my life as a mom. My daughter, Jenna, will be 13 years old soon and I have been reflecting on what I did right and what I could have done better. I love that my daughter is kind–that has been my number one rule. But the thing I wish I did better was spend more time with her. Our lives are busy today. As a runner jewelry designer, nurse, homeowner, runner, and friend, it is so difficult to squeeze it all in. Do you feel that way?

I am considering homeschooling her 8th grade year to squeeze in the remaining time of her innocent youth. What do I squeeze out? Running? Time with friends? My nurse job? I’ll leave it in God’s hands for now, He knows my heart and it will all fall in place. For now I can just live, love, and run. ( :