Memoirs of a Male Marathon Training Program Mentor

by Brian Ripple

These are my true tales of being a male mentor for a group of women training for their first marathon.

She Means Ice Bath
During a 16-mile training run, my group discussed the benefits of taking ice baths.  One runner, decently covering all her naughty bits, took a picture of herself in an ice bath following the run and posted it on Facebook.  She tagged me and the other runners on the photo, so we would see the post.  No issues until you read the photo’s caption – “Did you get yours?”  You can imagine what my wife, parents, and friends might have thought about a woman sitting in a bath tub asking me if I’d gotten mine.

A Good Looking Corpse
Knowing that I’m a marathon mentor, a work friend asked my advice about getting into running.  Her reason for running, and I quote – “I highly doubt that running will let me live one extra day.  But when I’m lying dead in my coffin, I want guys to walk by and say, ‘Damn, if she were alive, I’d totally date her.”  Maybe not the best reason for running, but it has to be the most unique.

Just One of the Girls
No topic is off limits, and I can usually deal with that.  But on a training run, here’s a conversation that occurred about my use of a coupon that the running store that sponsors the program gave the participants and mentors.

Participant:  Are you going to use the sports bra coupon?
Me:  Uh … no.
Participant:  Can I have it?  The sports bra I’m wearing now is really chaffing me.
Cue the blushing.

At least I know the women with whom I’m running trust and are comfortable with me.