National Marathon, Needles to the Foot, etc.

Well, last Monday I had cortisone injections to the left foot and just now I am feeling such relief! I have felt like I’ve been walking on a golf ball since January and my foot was super sore after any kind of activity. My cousin Joe, a podiatrist, diagnosed me with neuritis, injected it and I am in heaven! Running again! Whoo hoo!

I just returned from the National Marathon expo. What a great town Washington DC is. My husband Steve and daughter Jenna joined me and not only did we do the show together we got to see some amazing sites like the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian, the National Zoo, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, and the White House. Of course I was in heaven being in “Obama Land.” I truly can’t wait to return and would love to talk my husband into running the Army 10-miler in the fall. Here is me and Jenna in front of the White House. She is running from a kiss!