Never Too Late to Start

Looking at ads for running gear or perusing fitness magazines can sometimes have a demotivating effect. Everyone is so young and model-perfect. You may flip through the pages and think, “this isn’t for people like me.”

But, recent research indicates that it is never too late to start running and getting healthy, even if you’ve been largely sedentary in the past. Researchers at the French Institute of Health compared two groups: one containing people who ran on a daily basis and one who was just getting started. Participants were between the ages of 55 and 70. During the study, both groups started running on a regular basis. While the regular exercisers had lower resting heart rates and better oxygen flow, both groups showed better heart health after taking on regular exercise.

The moral is, it’s never too late. Whether you are a former runner who got overwhelmed by job and family obligations, or if you’ve never gone for a jog in your life, you can start any time you want. No matter where you are starting from, every step you take is one toward better health.

Don’t let what you didn’t do yesterday keep you from doing what you aspire to do today. Get started, get running and enjoy the strongest and healthiest version of who you can be.