The Race Is On: 5 Triathlon Tips for to Use on Race Day

Last year, over four million Americans participated in a triathlon. They’re a fun and healthy way to spend your day.

But, if you aren’t prepared on race day, you’ll find yourself left in the dust pretty quickly and that’s not a good feeling. That’s why we put together this list. Check out these triathlon tips and learn how to win your race.

1. Fuel Up the Day Before Your Race

If you want to be functioning your best at the start of your race, then you need to start eating fuel the day before. Don’t take in a ton of calories, just pay particular attention to what you are eating.

Try to go light on the carbs and focus on eating proteins like fish and lean meat. Try to avoid sugary beverages and refined grains.

2. Start Your Morning with the Right Balance

Before the race, you will need to eat a healthy breakfast that will power you through your day. Try to make twenty-five to thirty percent of your breakfast a protein source. For the remainder of your meal, fifty percent of your food should be carbohydrates and twenty percent should be fat.

This meal will help balance your blood sugar and help your blood circulate better. If at all possible, avoid eating high-fat breakfasts on race days like doughnuts or bacon.

3. Drink Your Fuel Replacement Drink at the Right Time

Before your race starts, your body should be fully hydrated. About eight minutes before the race, you should sip on a fuel replacement beverage or eat a gel.

Doing so will give you the calories you need to power through your triathlon. For those who sweat a lot, try to drink twelve ounces of your fuel replacement drink before the race begins since you will need additional electrolytes.

4. Warm Up Properly

When you’re about to take on a triathlon, your body will go into overdrive. You need to make sure that you warm your muscles up for the exertion. Start by getting your heart rate up before the race for at least twenty minutes.

Make sure your body stays warm. If you need to wear gloves and a hoodie.

5. Be Smart While Biking

Most people take triathlons a lot more seriously than a fun run. But start off in an easy gear for T1. If you’re a beginner, that means 84 to 92 rpms.

For a good pace, try to count your pedal strokes. They should be about 22 times every fifteen seconds of time.

Another good suggestion is to stand up every thirty minutes or so to stretch your hip flexors and don’t hurry when you are coming into T2. If you slip up it can end up costing you more time.

Triathlon Tips and More

Now that you’ve read these triathlon tips, you’re ready to win your race.

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