Run the Town: Top 5 Best Cities for Runners in the US

best cities for runners

8.8% of Americans choose running as a form of exercise. Whether it be on a treadmill or outside, your surroundings have an impact on your mindset. 

What else gives you the motivation to run? Do you have a running buddy? Have you set a goal for yourself? Does running make you feel good? Are you training for a half or full marathon? 

If running is your jam and you enjoy traveling, you might consider visiting one of these best cities for runners on your next vacation. Here are 5 of the best running cities. 

5 Best Cities for Runners

What qualities put a location on the list of the best running towns in the US? Is it beautiful trails? Is it good weather? Is safety a factor? Let’s take a look at the top cities and what they offer. 

1. Tampa, FL

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tampa, Florida is the beautiful weather. You can run every day in Tampa minus a few days here and there for inclement weather. 

Tampa has an average temperature of 73.5 degrees, close to 100 running races each year, and numerous running trails, some of the best along the water. 

2. Minneapolis, MN

Not the warm climate you find in Tampa, but Minneapolis boasts a 50-mile city trail system. The Metrodome has an indoor track for use during the winter months. 

Minneapolis is home to “The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America”. The residents of the city have the opportunity to run along the Mississippi River and the Chain of Lakes which is an 11-mile scenic loop.  

3. New York, NY

The world’s largest marathon takes place in New York City so that tells you something about how it rates as a running town. 

There are more than fifty running clubs and great places to run like Central Park, Prospect Park, and Van Cortlandt Park. In all, there are ten parks taking up 544+ acres of land on which to run. 

4. San Antonio, TX

San Antonia is another city with great weather and an average temperature of 70 degrees. San Antonio hosted a whopping 347 races in 2017. 

Some of the best running routes are the South Town/Riverwalk, Hills and Dales Ice House 3-Miler and the 9-Mile Mission Reach Trail. 

There are 20 park acres per 1000 residents. 

5. Virginia Beach, VA

Running along the 5-mile stretch of Virginia Beach is very motivating! Add the 2.7-mile boardwalk and you have two great places to run!

First Landing State Park has miles of trails that run through forests and along the water.

Parks in Virginia Beach make up 15% of the city’s land area. 

Are You Thinking About a Running Vacation?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best cities for runners, keep them in mind when planning your next vacation. Visit us for advice on everything running, from tips on running in the cold to upcoming races in US cities. Keep on running! 

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    Minneapolis IS a great running town. However, the Metrodome was demolished years ago! A quick google search will reveal many other indoor and outdoor routes.

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