5 Super Cute Keepsakes To Remember Your Running Events

running events

Have you been running for many years? Or perhaps you’re just starting to race but quickly becoming addicted?

This is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It produces a “runner’s high” that can be amplified by joining running groups or races.

Running events take a lot of time and effort, so you want to remember them for years. This article will give you five keepsake ideas to make your experience memorable.

1) A Medal Hanger

Many of the races and running events you go to will give you a medal at the end.

Don’t just toss this medal in a junk drawer and forget about it.

Instead, hang a bar up to display it. When people come to your house, you’ll be able to tell them the story of each of your medals.

Plus, you can look at your metal rack and be proud of your accomplishments and driven to earn more.

2) A T-Shirt Quilt

Make a T-shirt quilt of all the shirts you’ve received from your past races.

Oftentimes, we have far more T-shirts than we can actually wear. Stitching your running shirts into a quilt will make for a warm reminder of all the races you’ve completed.

If your quilt needs more shirts, you’ll be motivated to enter more races to fill it out.

3) A Running Scrapbook

It’s rare that people physically print out pictures anymore. Instead, they opt to keep them on the computer as digital files.

Make it a habit to get pictures of your runs developed, and put them into a decorative scrapbook. Running is a big part of who you are right now, but it won’t always be that way.

One day when running doesn’t come as easily to you, you’ll love looking back on your scrapbook of races.

4) Race Jewelry

Wear your accomplishment where ever you go with a customized race bead.

Your race bead can be added to a charm bracelet and monogrammed with your personal race time.

5) Start a Bib Book

Whenever you run a race, you’re given a bib with a number on it.

Usually, people just toss them in the trash bin, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Keeping your bibs could be an inexpensive and fun way to remember the race.

On the back of the bib, you could document where you ran the race and what place you came in. This way, you can remember the race and see your progress.

Make Your Running Events Memorable

Don’t forget to preserve the memory of your races in some way, even if it’s just a few photos.

It’s important that we celebrate and remember our accomplishments, and running when we could be on the couch is no exception.

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