Running for Love

Many people correctly consider running a single marathon one of the top achievements of their lifetimes. Bryan Morseman, an avid runner and loving father, went way above and beyond by running, and winning, three marathons in an eight day period.

He says that he runs for love of the sport, but he has another reason, too: he uses his winnings to pay for medical treatments for his young son Leeim, who suffers from spina bifida. He registered for three races, but wasn’t sure which he’d run. But, after winning the first, he kept going and showed up for the next two, as well. In all, he won $5,750 to use toward medical care for his son.

While three races in just over a week is a feat for anyone, Bryan’s regular race schedule is unusually packed, as well. He usually runs about 11 marathons every year. He’s won 23 of the 42 races he has entered since his first marathon in 2008.

Bryan says that his goals include running marathons internationally and qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team. “We’ll see,” he told reporters at The Democrat and Chronicle. “Other things happen in life. Right now, my family is far more important than qualifying.”