So far so good! – Lori

Well, I’m a few weeks into the training and my running is going good. I haven’t swam at all yet so that is going to be a big shock but I’m waiting for my new wetsuit to get here because the water is just too cold for me. Also, biking has been about 1/2 of what I should be doing since the rare cold weather and wind make me come up with all kinds of lame excuses not to do it. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will be on track and not keep skipping workouts. It’s a major challenge now that I have to work 40 hours to help make a living and pay for all my sport goodies. I got a “stick” that you roll on your muscles and it is amazing. I can’t remember the brand I got but it has foam rolling pads on it. I think it has helped my hamstring tendonitis in just a few uses. Hopefully it will keep it at bay for the rest of the training too!

Rock and run, Lori