So Fun, They Won’t Even Know They’re Exercising: 5 Fun Runs the Whole Family Will Love

fun runs

Old news: running is good for you. Unpopular opinion: running is fun. 

Most of us know the mental and physical benefits of running, but some still struggle to pick up the physical activity. Especially, our smallest potential runners: our kids. 

If you want to keep your family active, you have to get creative sometimes. This is where fun runs come into the conversation.

A family-friendly run adds flare to running. It’s the necessary sparkle to motivate even our most couch potato family members. 

There’s a variety of options so it’s easy to find one near you. We’ve picked our top 5 favorite runs. Check them out to find the perfect race for your family. 

Fun Runs Exist

Despite what your kids or other family members might think, running can be enjoyable. There are countless fun runs for the entire family and some runs just for kids.

You can find races all over the world, at your favorite theme parks, and your hometown. Consider how your family likes to have fun and how far you want to travel. This will help you pinpoint what type of race you should register for. 

1. Splash Dash 5K

Location: Dallas, Texas 

You know how they say you shouldn’t run in waterparks? Well, that’s not always the case. In this 5K, you’ll zoom through giant sprinklers and water gun attacks to cool off during the summer. 

All ages are welcome to take part in this waterpark-themed race. Celebrate the adventure together in the afterparty. You’ll enjoy fresh tunes, zip lining, and delicious snacks.

2. YMCA Freaky 5k

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin 

For all our Halloween lovers, this spooky race is a perfect chance to try out your best group costume. The route travels along the Fox River. Once you cross the finish line, enjoy a candy bar, a new t-shirt, and some well-earned apple cider. 

3. The Color Run

Location: Various locations

Kids get the chance to run through clouds of colorful paint in this race. It’d be hard to argue how that doesn’t sound fun. 

A family walks into this 5K wearing all white and come out as beautiful rainbows. Feel free to walk, grapevine, or run during this race.

4. Double Bubble Run

Location: Frederick, Maryland 

This 5K race is one of the best family fun runs. Grab your running buddies and hit the 13 fun stations. You can play with plenty of bubbles, confetti, glitter, and foam. 

Perhaps the coolest part of this race is that your kids can run with their favorite superheroes. Post-race, make your way to the Fun Zone to explore a petting zoo and bounce houses. 

5. Spartan Race

Location: Various locations

For any fitness-loving families, you’ll want to register for this one. You and your child can take on an intense and muddy obstacle course. 

The Spartan race has created different versions based on age:

  • 4-8 years old: 1/2 mile course
  • 9-12 years old: 1-mile course
  • 11-14 years old: 2-mile course 

Become each other’s biggest fans and take turns cheering each other on!

The Finish Line

Fun runs help your family stay healthy, and it’s a great bonding activity. When you encourage your family to run, they gain lifelong lessons and memories.  

Not sold on why fun runs are awesome? Here are 5 reasons why everyone should signup for one!