Staying Motivated for a Long Run

The prospect of a long distance run can be intimidating. The task can seem monumental, and you may wonder how you can conquer such a huge goal. When you decide to take on this important step in your journey toward becoming a more accomplished runner, remember all of the following to help you through:

Don’t Think About the Run

When you are getting ready for your big run, focus on the preparation. Think about details like clothing, shoes and prep like stretching.

Break It Down Into Smaller Goals

Look ahead of you and set milestones. First make it to that tree, then to the water station, then to that turn in the road.

Mark the Halfway Point

Once you’ve gotten halfway through your big race, you’re on your way back home. The feeling of accomplishment of hitting that landmark may be all you need to help you get your second wind.

Vary the Pace

Going slower sometimes and faster others can break up your run a bit and help you keep energized.

Bring a Friend

Whether it’s someone to run with you or someone cheering you on on the sidelines, the support can make it easier for you to keep on moving.

Long runs are challenging, but they leave you with a massive feeling of accomplishment when you are done. You have the ability to do this. Pull on your shoes and go.