Stroke Doctor – Swimming Technique Experts

I just came home from the St. Anthony’s Triathlon expo and met Gary Fahey who specializes in personalized, hands-on swim instruction. He provides lessons and workshops that “will give you the skills to swim with confidence and speed in any body of water.”

As an experienced swimmer, I take the swim leg of triathlon for granted. The swim has always been the easiest part for me (except for that time I got sucked under water by the undertow in 5 foot seas and came out with a fish in my suit choking salt water). Many triathlon participants tell me over and over that the swim is challenging. If you live in Florida, take advantage of Gary’s Total Immersion workshops, offered from Jacksonville down to Islamorada. Use coupon code “springsale” for $50 off his workshops ( when registering online.

Oh, and he is super knowledgeable, and super sweet! Read more about Gary at