The Best Marathon Shoes to Help You Cross the Finish Line

best marathon shoes

Are you or a loved one getting ready to run a half or a full marathon in 2020? Don’t let another New Year’s resolution go down the drain. If you are healthy enough to run, anyone can train and achieve their running goals.

However, we can not stress the importance enough of proper running shoes. They are key to improving comfort, maximizing performance, and preventing injury.

We’ve compiled a list of the best marathon shoes in the market for 2020. Read ahead for our list of the best long-distance running shoes and what the experts are saying about them.

Evolution of Marathon Shoes

Around the year 500 BCE, the Athenian army defeated a large invading Persian force near the town of Marathon. According to legend, Pheidippides ran all the way to Athens to spread the news of the victory

Although Pheidippides was a real messenger who would’ve likely run very long distances, historians doubt the veracity of the popularized myth.

One thing they can agree on is that Pheidippides didn’t have Asics or Saucony or anything remotely similar to any of the best distance running shoes available today.

Modern Running Shoes

Running shoes or any kind of ‘athletic sneaker’ didn’t exist until less than 200 years ago. Early examples were made of leather.

Adolf Dassler is credited for creating the modern running shoe in 1920. He and his brother created the foundations of Adidas and Puma.

An Introduction to the Best Marathon Shoes

What shoe is best for you? That depends on numerous factors.

What is your level of training? Are you going for a half marathon or something a little harder? This is list is a pretty place to start.

Asics Gel Nimbus 22

You are going to want a comfortable shoe. This is something that cannot be stressed enough.

Any discomfort can become unbearable as the miles go by. The Asics is a quality company and the Nimbus, as the name suggests, is like walking on a cloud.

Their reliability and stability make them perfect for first-timers.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

The Mizuno Wave is great for training and the day of the marathon. It is well cushioned under the heel and responsive.

They are durable and provide good stability, although some would say they look and feel a little bulky.

Give ample time break these in completely before race day.

Saucony Kinvara 10

The Kinvara is a fine, attractive shoe. They known for being lightweight, versatile, and extremely comfortable.

They are great for training their responsiveness is perfect for competing.

However, they have extra padding near the Achilles which is actually unpleasant to many.

New Balance 890v7

The 890v7 is a hit with many types of runners. This is partly because they are extremely fashionable and breathable.

Their smooth design gives them a very comfortable and lightweight feel. However, you should keep in mind these tend to be less durable.

Adidas Adizero Boston 8

This is a great shoe for serious runners. It comfortable thanks to it relaxed but is also very responsive.

Hitting the Streets

Marathon season is coming soon. You don’t want to get off guard. 

There are plenty of options for runners of all distances. The same shoe doesn’t work for everybody so its best to inform yourself about the best marathon shoes before making a commitment.

Reaching your fitness goals takes dedication and the right equipment. Get the shoes for you and hit the streets.