Thoughts on the Tragedy in Boston

All of us have run a race. I often tell customers at expos who are running their first half marathon “The energy of the people around you is intoxicating. There is nothing like the finish line and you will remember it forever.”

The finish line turned out much different in Boston. The entire team at Inspired Endurance was in shock while concerned for their many friends and customers who were running the race. We haven’t been the same since. We have all had a child run out to greet us at the finish, we have all had loved ones cheering us on.

We are crying over orders coming in this week marking the event. One RaceTag™ order came in yesterday with Boston-26.2-4/15/13-SAFE. We cried. We are still crying.

Americans are so resilient. Runners are more so. Press on.

Inspired Endurance is donating the materials and labor to a Boston Strong RaceTag™ and a Remember Boston Swarovski Crystal Charm. We have chosen America’s Fund Boston Marathon Relief Fund because of their long history of assisting war victims. Their funds are dispatched in order of severity and quite frankly, we trust their management over a corporation.