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Tips For Beginners To Improve Running Endurance

You’ve probably heard of Robert Pope, the real-life Forrest Gump who ran for seven months across the US paralleling the route taken in the 1994 classic film.

He even went as far as growing a beard and wearing a red baseball cap.

But before Pope was able to run this incredible distance, he had to start working his way up – taking runs from his home state of Alabama to California, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.

With the right training, he was able to learn how to improve running endurance and accomplish his dreams.

Are you ready to train for yours? Read on for tips to get started.

Use an App

While many people have been listening to music on their phones while they run for years, more and more have begun using them for health-related apps as well.

With the running apps available, you can find programs designed to get you in shape for a marathon.

Running apps are especially great for runners who get bored. There are games like Zombies, Run!, which is really exciting and tracks your run while simultaneously leading you through a storyline where you have to gather supplies for your base.

Have the Right Gear

If you’ve seen running on television, then you probably have seen some very specialized clothing and sneakers that have been designed to help the athletes compete better.

While you may not be Usain Bolt, having the right gear will really affect your performance.

Start by purchasing a great pair of running shoes. Your local running store probably has some sort of stride analysis machine that can help you figure out which sneaker might work for you.

If you want to keep your current sneakers, be sure you check to make sure that the tread hasn’t been worn down. That can be very bad for your joints and knees if you are running often.

In addition, you should look for lightweight clothing that allows you to move around easily. When you’re running for a very long time, comfort is incredibly important.

Eat Right

You can’t succeed at training unless you start with the right fuel. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and get proper nutrition.

Some great foods to eat when you’re working out are protein and healthy fats like fish and almonds. You should also be eating a decent amount of carbs since your body will need this ready-to-burn energy to help you run longer.

Try having a bowl of pasta an hour after your run to reset your energy levels.

More Tips to Improve Running Endurance

If you are looking to improve running endurance then you’ve probably tried a lot of techniques already. Finding what works for you may take time and research.

For more helpful articles and tips and tricks to get you started, check out our blog today.