Top 5 Benefits of Having a Running Buddy

running buddy

There’s nothing better than getting that runner’s high feeling when you’re out training. It makes all the effort you put into taking care of yourself even more rewarding, and it’s not a bad way to start/end your day, either. 

But, you can’t enjoy the bliss of clearing your mind and getting your heart rate going if you don’t actually get out the door. Not to mention, it can be hard to enjoy your run if you’re worried about safety or you keep checking your mile time. 

These are all things that a running buddy can help you with!

Here are 5 benefits that having a partner hit the trails with you can offer. 

1. Accountability 

It’s much harder to skip out on your run when you know you made plans with someone to workout together. This alone will make you more disciplined in running and help you make it more of a priority. 

You may still be tempted to skip a run every once in a while, and that’s where your running buddy comes in. A good running partner won’t let you flake on them; they’ll make sure you honor the plans you made together, and more importantly, show up for yourself

2. Motivation  

Another cool thing about having a running partner is that they make you want to work harder. Even on the days where you drag your feet to start running, having someone to keep pace with will motivate you to run just a little bit faster. Before you know it, you’ll be running at speeds you weren’t even close to when you were running solo!

3. Knowledge 

There’s a big difference between working hard and working smart – and running requires both. When you get together with someone who’s just as passionate about running as you are, you start to learn more about things like stride, pace, safety, and nutrition. 

Your conversations become more and more focused on the small details that make a big difference. This will only improve your performance even more, and possibly your wellbeing as a whole! 

4. Safety 

Speaking of your wellbeing, keep in mind there’s a bit of a safety risk that comes with running on your own. There really is strength in numbers, especially if you tend to run at times when it’s dark or in areas where there isn’t much street lighting. 

Having a running buddy by your side means your less likely to become a target for someone who’s looking for trouble. It also means you’ll have immediate help in the event that you have some sort of accident.

5. Fun! 

The added fun that you have when running with friends is the icing on the cake of going from being a solo runner to one who has a buddy. Whether you’re training seriously or just trying to take better care of yourself, having someone on this journey with you will make it all the more enjoyable.

How to Find the Ultimate Running Buddy 

It’s one thing to realize all the benefits of having a running buddy and another to find the best person for the job. Your running buddy should be at a similar level of performance as you and have like-minded running goals, too. This will allow you both to grow as athletes, and it makes it easier to enjoy yourselves while doing so.

If you’re looking for someone to train hard with you for a marathon or Ironman, click here for a few tips to help you both succeed!

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