What Inspires You?

Recently we ran a giveaway on Facebook and to enter each fan had to answer “what inspires you?” The response was overwhelming. The sincere honest outpouring of inspiration ranged from funny to goose bump and tear inducing.
Here are a few responses:

    • The ones who physically or mentally can’t run. Those are the ones that inspired me to push harder and farther than I feel like I can go.


    • Anyone who tries, gives it a shot, goes for it. Without regards to outcome


    • Friends. Love. The breeze in my face.


    • My dad. He was hit by a car at 6am on a morning run with my cousin in 1976. Whenever I go out for a run I think of him! His memory got me through 2 marathons, I hope I have a few more in me for me & him.


    • what inspires me: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis.. nuff said..


    • Waking up every morning breathing


    • What inspires me? I have such a crazy life with work and kids and the “me time” inspires me. This is the one thing I can do… I have complete control over how I run, when I run, who I run with, and I swear it is therapy for me in my crazy life. I can just be me when I run .. No expectations and no pressure… I love it!


    • The feeling I get every time I accomplish another mile, I thought I couldn’t do or another finish line I cross after months of hard work. And the fact that every time I come home from a race my boys still ask me “did you win”?


    • Being in the military and seeing the wounded warriors training and doing their best at the Army Ten miler among other races inspires me to keep on pushing forward and not give up


    • I’m a triple transplant recipient and every day I can walk or run inspires me.


    • What inspires me? Beginner runners who are get excited when they can run 2 miles nonstop. Ultra runners who run 20 miles before breakfast and cheer for that beginner. Overweight runners who run marathons. Older runners who never give up. Mothers who run for their fallen sons. Fathers who run with their daughters while pushing her wheelchair. 


    • What inspires me? The simple humanity of a runner’s soul. If they can do it, so can I.


    • What inspires me…….being able to wake up each day to share it with my family. We don’t know what we have until it is gone or damaged. My mom is newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer and we are going to get thru this together! I love you Mom


    •  Stephen S. and the 342 other firefighters who died on 9/11 and every other day protecting us.


  • I am inspired to run in memory of my mother who passed from cancer in 2 years ago , she died with a lot of dreams in heart that were never brought to fruition, shortly after her death I was diagnosed with colon cancer I won my battle and I am inspired to RUN for my life and in her memory..this is something I never thought I would love so much, but each day i am blessed to open my eyes I am inspired….

What inspires you? Post your comment below.