Working the Miami Marathon Expo

Lori and I are on our way to Miami to work at the Miami Marathon expo for 2 days. Lori is the owner of My Mottoz Active Wear which was born out of Lori’s great idea of fun, high quality active wear that has fun sayings on it. Their running shirts get smiles wherever you go and not only to runners love their shirts, so does everyone else.

Shortly after she started her business with her sister Sandy, I started Inspired Endurance which basically was a hobby gone wild. I went to an expo with her a year ago with some of my “Racelets” (bracelets that had your race on it) and the runner jewelry, marathon jewelry, triathlon jewelry business has been going strong ever since. We have so much fun at the expos. Just think of standing around for 2 days straight talking to a lot of people that love running!