4 Reasons You Should Put the Marine Corps Marathon on Your Bucket List

marine corps marathon

For about one-third of runners in the Marine Corps Marathon, it’s their first marathon.

But that by no means makes this an easy race. To even finish, you have to be able to maintain a 14-minute mile over the entire course.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Marine Corps Marathon and why this needs to be on your racing bucket list.

What is the Marine Corps Marathon?

The 44th Annual Marine Corps Marathon is only a month away. This year, it’s held October 27 between 10 am and 8 pm. But racers have been planning for this since the lottery in March.

So if you want to run next year, you’d better plan early. Add a reminder to your calendar to register in March, as it fills up fast!

1. Challenge Yourself

If this is your first marathon, more power to you! You’re not alone as you will be running with thousands of other first-time marathon runners.

There’s even a First Timers Pep Rally the Friday beforehand. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow runners and get psyched up.

Not your first marathon? The Marine Corps Marathon is the biggest race in the country that doesn’t offer prize money. So join the thousands of other marathoners that run “The People’s Marathon” for themselves, for loved ones, for our troops, and for our country.

Once you’ve finished the challenging MCM, you might be inspired to try something a little different. How about trying ultra running or an iron man challenge?

2. Support Our Heroes

Do you prefer to run for a cause, raising funds and awareness? The Marine Corps Marathon partners with many non-profit organizations helping them raise millions of dollars every year.

Previous races funded military family support, wounded warriors, and other great causes. Join one of the MCM Charity Partners, and not only do you get to race for a cause, but you also have another way to register for the Marine Corps Marathon. That’s a win-win!

3. Run Past Historical Locations

The run takes place through Washington D.C. and parts of Virginia. You’ll be running past amazing historical monuments.

Start at the Pentagon and run straight through Arlington National Cemetery. The race finishes at the Marine Corps War Memorial.

With the many other monuments along the way, the Marine Corps Marathon has been aptly named the Marathon of Monuments.

Once you’re done with the race, take some time to explore our nation’s capital with friends and family. You’ve earned it!

4. Win the Best Medal in the World

Last year, the Marine Corps Marathon medal was named the Best Medal in the World. And that’s pretty amazing considering all the fantastic finishing medals around the world!

The medal is an eagle, globe, and anchor medal. It’s the symbol of the United States Marine Corps, so display it with pride.

The Marine Corps Marathon Belongs on Every Racer’s Bucket List

When you take part in the Marine Corps Marathon you’re supporting a great cause. You’re challenging yourself. You get to experience some of our country’s coolest monuments.

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