How to Treat Knee Pain After a Long Run

Did you know that runner’s knee accounts for around 20% of all running injuries? Runner’s knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), is a common problem among athletes who have to bend their knees frequently. If you run long miles, you’re putting a lot of pressure around your kneecaps. The physical stress can cause […]

Are You Running Too Much?

Running is a healthy exercise for many, but running too much can have the opposite effect. Do you constantly feel fatigued? Has your performance been slipping recently? Chances are you may be experiencing the overtraining syndrome (OTS). OTS occurs even in the best athletes if they don’t take proper rest from their rigorous training routine. […]

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Many may think running is the easiest form of exercise. But did you know that runners get injured almost as frequently as football players? Running seems rather straightforward, but it can lead to serious injuries if you don’t have proper training, warm-up exercises, and the right shoes for your feet. So before you lace up […]

Runners, How Should Your Foot Strike the Ground?

Over-pronation, under-pronation, over striding, foot strike: chances are if you’re a runner, you’ve heard these terms before.  Few runners really think about the way their foot hits the ground–they just RUN.  Yet, the way in which your foot hits the ground can make a difference between an injury-prone race season, and a successful racing season. […]