She believed she could so she did. R.S. Grey

2016’s best running mantras are “she believed” and “live love run.” I have created a line of jewelry with “she believed” and pulled our “live love run” necklace out of the archives!

Do you ever get that brain block of negativity that prevents you from reaching your goals? Do you ever get crippled by anxiety and feel like you just want to crawl into bed for the day? I do. And that is what inspired me to create positive jewelry for women over the past 8 years. Not only for myself, but to inspire others.

Inspired Endurance has charms and beads for runners with the powerful word “believe”, a pendant with the words my Dad always said to me (Dream Believe Achieve), and now She Believed, So She Did.

No matter what you are facing today, perceive yourself where you want to be. Believe you can do it. Great things come to those who believe.

Happy running,

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