Try These Flexibility Exercises in Order to Stretch Before Running

stretch before running

While stretching before running isn’t always necessary to prevent injuries, it’s important to improve your flexibility. If you’re going for a run, it’s important to make sure you stretch before running.

Even if you only hold each stretch for around 10 seconds each, it’s enough to prepare your body for the exercise ahead.

But, coming up with the best way to stretch before running isn’t easy. Check out the below ideas for stretching before running.

Stretch by Hugging Your Knees 

Up to eighty percent of adults could experience lower back pain during their lifetime. This can occur when you spend a lot of time sitting down or not preparing for your workout in the right manner.

The knee hug is a simple exercise to improve your muscle flexibility and avoid stress on your joints throughout your run.

Just simply lie down on your yoga mat and bend your knees. Reach out for your knees and bring them toward your chest. Hold this position for up to 30 seconds before slowly releasing your knees.

Get Down for the Child Pose 

Child pose is many yogis favorite. It feels so good that you barely even notice that you’re stretching your body.

Just get down on your knees and rest your bottom on the backs of your feet. That’s when you lean forward and stretch your arms in front of you.

Stand Up and Flex Your Quads

If you don’t stretch your quads before you go for a run or a workout, you could find that you’re especially tight around there.

You need to make sure you’re standing up and stretching your quads before you embark on any intense exercises.

Bend your knee and bring your foot up behind you and grab your foot with your hand. You might need to steady yourself with your other hand. You can hold this position for around 30 seconds before doing the same with the other leg. 

Touch Your Toes 

Your hamstrings are especially vulnerable if you run without any preparation. That’s why it’s so important to touch your toes.

Just stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you’re particularly flexible, you can bring your feet together for an even harder stretch.

That’s why you bend down forward from your hips to reach for your toes. If you can’t reach first, just hold the position as far down as possible.

After around 30 seconds, ensure you slowly return to a standing position. You don’t want to hurt yourself by rushing.

Ankle Stretches 

Remember when you’re running your ankles are forced to work really hard. You need to make sure your ankles are stretched before you set off.

Just stand up straight and lift your body’s weight with the balls of your feet. Hold yourself up for around 10 seconds before letting go.

If you repeat this move over and over before running, you’ll effectively warm up your ankles and feet before your run.

What Are the Best Ways to Stretch Before Running?

Now you know the best ways to stretch before running, so you can avoid serious injuries. From getting down for a child’s pose to doing some ankle stretches, there are many clever ways to prepare for your workout.

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